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Listing Rates at BidOnSails and Sailboats

Rates for Activating or Listing Auctions:

Paid activation fees are deducted from closing costs. They are calculated based on the start price that you determine.

From To Charge
$ 0.00 $ 0.99 $ 0.10
$ 1.00 $ 9.99 $ 0.15
$ 10.00 $ 24.99 $ 0.35
$ 25.00 $ 49.99 $ 0.70
$ 50.00 $ 199.00 $ 1.40
$ 200.00 $ 499.99 $ 2.00
$ 500.00 And Up $ 3.00

Rates for Images:

Fees for initial images are paid with the activation fee. Additional images are calculated at a per picture rate and may be paid for before the end of the auction or with closing costs.

Number of
1 Free
After First Image $0.10 per Image

Be advised if you have 1 or more images, and choose to remove an image and upload a different image the the new image will not replace the removed one but, in fact, be calculated as a new image. The fees are cumulative.

(For example if you have 3 pictures and remove 1 and add a different picture, you will be charged for a 4th picture, even though only 3 are displaying on your auction.)

Rates for Closed Auctions:

Fees are based on the final sale price of the auction item. Fees must be paid within 48 hours to obtain buyer information. Failure to pay fees may result in permanent suspension from Bid on Sails.

From To Charge
$ 0.00 $ 49.99 $ 1.00
$ 50.00 $ 199.99 $ 2.00
$ 200.00 And Up 2%

If your item does not sell then you will not be assessed any closing costs. If the high bid on your item does meet the reserve price, then you will not be assessed any closing costs if you choose not to accept the highest bid.

Rates for Special Attention Features:

Special features bring special attention to your product. By turning these features on you have agreed to pay the special features fee even if you turn them off at a later date. There are no pro-rated charges. This specifically applies to Bold, Highlighted, and Features Items.

Feature Charge
Bold Title in
$ 0.50
$ 2.00
Featured Item* $ 5.00
Price Reserve See Below
Length of Auction See Below

* Featured Items are listed on the first and subsequent pages of the site. If you choose this feature, your item will receive priority to appear on the first page and other pages where featured items are displayed. These featured items are displayed on a rotational basis.

Price Reserve Fees:

Paid price reserve fees are deducted from closing costs. Price reserve Fees are to paid with the activation fee.

From To Charge
$ 0.00 $ 49.99 $ 1.00
$ 50.00 $ 199.99 $ 2.00
$ 200.00 $ 9,999 1%
$ 10,000 And Up $ 100.00

Length of Auction Fees:

Length of Auction Fees are to paid with the activation fee. Auction can be ended early at the Seller discretion, but there are no pro-rated charges for the auction fee.

Length Charge
1 - 10 Days Free
14 Days (Standard) Free
21 Days $ 1.00
30 Days $ 2.00
60 Days $ 5.00

In the event that a sellers account becomes permanently suspended, all fees are immediately due and payable.


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