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Policies for everyone at BidOnSails and Sailboats

1) BidOnSails policy prohibits members from Interfering with our web site by either harassment of members, including but not limited to threats of physical or bodily harm, hateful, sexual or obscene email or interference with technical operations of the site with auction software or viruses..

2) Buyers and Sellers may only modify or add content in those areas specifically designated for BidOnSails users.

3) Disciplinary action may result in permanent suspension of their BidOnSails account.

4) BidOnSails prohibits users from sending spam. Spam is defined as email that is both unsolicited and is commercial in nature.

5) BidOnSails prohibits the use of language that is racist, hateful, sexual or obscene in nature in a any postings made to the web site. we reserve the right to remove any offensive or illegal auction at our discretion with no refund in service fees.


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