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Policies for Buyers at BidOnSails and Sailboats

1) BidOnSails users are not allowed to compromises another bidders bid with either intimidation, threats of physical or bodily harm or technology.

2) BidOnSails users may not contact a seller and offer to purchase the item off of BidOnSails auction program.

3) All bids that are made are final and considered to be in good faith, the buyer can not retract a bid once it is made, so please do not bid unless you intend to pay for the item.

4) Once you have bid in an item you have automatically entered into a legally binding agreement to purchase the item from the seller for that price, whether it is a buy it now auction or if the buyer is the highest bidder in the auction. Action will be taken against buyers who do not pay for the items that they have won up to permanent suspension from BidOnSails.

4) BidOnSails prohibits email offers to buy or sell listed items outside of the BidOnSails Web site. Offers of this nature circumvent BidOnSails and are a risk for both buyers and sellers.

Some examples of outside of BidOnSails offers include:

  • Offer to buy or sell a listed item outside of BidOnSails before the auction is completed.
  • Canceling a listing to sell to a buyer who became aware of the item through BidOnSails.
  • Ending a listing early to sell the item to the highest bidder circumventing the auction fees.

It is acceptable for sellers to end a listing early in order to sell an item at the current bid price to the high bidder. Bidders are permitted to contact sellers with requests to end a listing early; however, sellers are under no obligation to do so.

Any items purchased outside of the BidOnSails forum is at the consumers own risk, even if the item at one time was listed as an auction item. BidOnSails will accept no liability for fraudulent purchases or scams.


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